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Feeding the world's burgeoning population is shaping up to be one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. Coupled with this is increasing scientific evidence that our traditional food production methods are causing havoc on our environment and ecosystems.

There has to be a better way. It has to be possible to produce healthy nutritious food for all of the world's population - without destroying our environment.

Berrysmith Foundation's aim is to lead the world in the development of sustainable systems that make growing healthy, nutritious food available for virtually everyone - regardless of land availability, climate, soil conditions, location, natural resources or large capital investment.

We believe that New Zealand has the potential to become a global pioneer in the development of such systems, and in doing so, further enhance our international reputation as the premier food producer globally.

Our top goals

Sustainable Growing Systems

Research, test, develop and promote growing systems based on the model of a natural ecosystem that can provide genuine sustainable food production on a worldwide basis.

Breakthrough Research and Development

Be the catalyst for ground breaking and scientifically proven research into sustainable food growing solutions

Raise Awareness and Understanding

...of health, well being and sustainability.                     Play a leading role in raising the awareness of the benefits healthy, nutritious food can have on our population especially through growing food in ways that have minimal impact on the environment.

Food Production without Compromising the Environment

Foster and promote unique intellectual capital that solves long time systemic inefficiencies in traditional growing methods such as cost of production, large scale use of land, depletion of natural resources (e.g. water tables), contamination of surrounding environment from waste by-products and chemicals.

Sustainable Solutions that can be 'Scaled'

Develop commercially viable (sustainable) food growing systems that make it possible to feed the world regardless of the season, region, climate and availability of natural resources

Lead the way through Education

Be a powerful voice that leads to a change in awareness, thinking, understanding and behaviour. A new generation of leaders caring for our people and our environment

Our Trustees

Ashley Berrysmith

Ashley Berrysmith is the founder of the NZ Fresh Cuts (NZFC) group of companies and is widely recognised as a pioneer in the New Zealand fresh cut industry. After studying horticulture at Massey University, Ashley founded the Sprout House in 1980, which over the past 27 years, under Ashley's leadership, has evolved into NZFC - New Zealand's dominant provider of fresh cut foods - with one dedicated growing and processing company, several product development companies and a growing number of popular consumer brands.

A long-time committed vegetarian and advocate for healthy eating, Ashley is well regarded internationally for the many processing and marketing innovations he has successfully introduced into the industry, and for his commitment to stay at the forefront of global best practice and trends. In 1989 Ashley served as the inaugural Vice President of the US-based International Sprout Growers Association (ISGA), and today is an active member of United Fresh, which was previously known as the International Fresh-Cut Produce Association (IFPA).

Ashley was named New Zealand's 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and represented New Zealand at the world finals in Monaco.

Dr Nicholas Savidov, PhD

Russian-born Nicholas (Nick) Savidov, is a recognised 'face' and spokesperson for promoting environmentally-friendly agricultural practices such as aquaponics, introducing renewable organic material into agricultural practices and recycling organic greenhouse waste for land reclamation.  He established Canada's first pre-commercial, stand-alone aquaponics facility.

Nick moves easily and competently between a variety of "worlds" - maintaining close scientific contacts with research centres, research institutes, universities, federal/governmental environmental and agricultural organisations on a local, national and international level.

Currently Nick leads a multi-faceted greenhouse research program in Canada's Alberta Province.  Along with his research and leadership capabilities, Nick carries an impressive track record of working with scientific professionals and technical staff on a variety of research projects.  He has also demonstrated his commercial acumen by planning and organising major business activities as well as helping commercial growers, crop advisors and agronomists in a variety of ways.

Lloyd Anderson

Lloyd was trained as a graphic artist and established an art studio in 1971. By 1972 the art studio had been developed into a fully accredited advertising agency. Over the years this advertising agency has morphed into different companies, with various business partners and today Lloyd acts as a consultant to client companies, with a team of contractors covering graphic design, production, website design & development and brand strategy.

During his forty year career in advertising and marketing, Lloyd has held significant advertising accounts including Christian Dior Cosmetics, Lancome Cosmetics, Briscoes, AHI Aluminium Franchising, Underground Fashions, Enzed Fluid Connectors, Hydraulink Fluid Connectors, Mogal Freight, Hirequip, CRC Chemicals, Uniden Electronic Products, Hawkins Construction, Signature Homes and Crown Removals, to name a few.

Lloyd’s strength in combining his artistic strengths with a well-developed business sense has resulted in a unique approach to setting quantifiable return on investment goals against advertising expenditure. Frustration at successful advertising campaigns being sabotaged by poor marketing strategy implementation led Lloyd to embrace both advertising and marketing disciplines and seek out clients that recognised the importance of an integrated approach to both. By controlling or influencing both areas, Lloyd is now better able to influence his client’s bottom line. Lloyd now consults only to business owners or operators, believing that unless he can operate at this level, it is impossible to achieve permanent and meaningful change in an organisation or to successfully implement strategies that make a real difference to an organisation’s performance.

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