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Ashley Berrysmith’s Aquaponic Vision

Over his career, Ashley Berrysmith, a pioneer in the salad industry has become increasingly concerned about the inefficiency of producing food with conventional and organic farming methods.

Ashley & Linda Berrysmith own N.Z Fresh-Cuts, which was the first salad company in the world to measure its carbon footprint and in 2007 became a carboNZero™ certified company. Ashley was so shocked by the carbon footprint of his farming operations that he was spurred into action to initiate the aquaponic trial. He has a vision of producing 600 acres of outdoor production of baby leaf in less than 20 acres of Aquaponics.

Ashley sees Aquaponics as a step beyond Organics. You can't cheat the system. As fish are very sensitive to chemicals, all spraying is banned, otherwise the natural ecosystem will collapse and will have to be started from scratch. This would take many months to stabilise.

There is an increasing movement to adopt this natural growing system which is the most efficient method of producing food on the planet, with almost zero environmental impact. Ashley is amazed that the world had not discovered nature’s secret which has been in front of our eyes for centuries. This is exactly how a natural wetland system works.

Ashley envisages aquaponic units being integrated into communities world wide. They would create local employment and produce fresh food right on their doorstep, with food miles becoming a word of the past.

The Aquaponic Ventures Ltd trial is being followed with interest by Ashley's charitable trust, Berrysmith Foundation. The vision of the Berrysmith Foundation is that we believe the world will move back to small local food production systems.


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