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Dr. Wilson Lennard, Aquaponic Scientist

Ashley first met Dr. Wilson Lennard at an aquaculture seminar in Brisbane in 2007, contracting him as the Aquaponic Scientist, for the Aquaponic Venture Ltd. (AVL) trial in 2009.

The AVL trial system has been designed, constructed and commissioned by Dr. Wilson Lennard of Aquaponic Solutions from Melbourne Australia, using his unique SYMBIOPONICS™ method for aquaponic system design and management. Results have shown that the system grows plants at a faster rate than even standard hydroponics, which is currently recognised as the most efficient plant growing technique in the world.

Dr. Wilson Lennard has optimised the technology so that it can also be adapted to a “low-tech” approach. He has designs for systems for developing world applications, to provide fresh protein and vegetable matter to people in geographical regions such as Africa and Pacific Islands.

The technology has also been developed for application in countries where access to freshwater is scarce, such as Australia, the Middle East and Western USA.


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