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Spinach and Filo Parcels

These tasty spinach and ricotta filo parcels are an easy recipe – and a delicious way to convince the kids that vegetables aren’t all bad.

Easy Saag Sauce

Rich in vitamins and minerals, spinach is also bursting with health-promoting phytonutrients such as carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin) and flavonoids giving you a powerful antioxidant boost. A popular Indian sauce using spinach is Saag Sauce, which is relatively simple to make and an excellent and delicious way to use up a large bunch of wilted spinach. Use the sauce to top lamb or chicken or cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese available from Asian supermarkets) and serve with a side of rice for a complete meal.

Slow Cooker Barley & Fennel Risotto

There's nothing like a hearty risotto to warm the belly on a cold night, but it requires a lot of time and patience stirring to get it just right. This slow cooker alternative to the traditional stovetop risotto incorporates fibre-rich whole grains - use either barley or brown rice - and is simply seasoned with gratings of Parmesan cheese, lemon zest and oil-cured olives. Best of all, the slow cooker does all the work for you. Easy, healthy and delicious.

Slow Cooker African Kumara Peanut Stew

Easy, nutritious and filled with the warmth of exotic spices, this dish is hearty fare is a cold night treat the whole family will enjoy. Pop it into the slow cooker in the morning and you'll come home to a cosy flavourful stew that night.

Delicious Vegetable Recipes

Did you know that veggies are so important to us because they are naturally filled with vitamins that you simply cannot find in any other food group.

Choose a variety of produce and colours, to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs. Look for dark leafy greens and anything that's a rich yellow, orange, or red colour.

Here are some of our favourite and delicious veggie recipes to help you on your way to accessing those important vitamins.

Green Smoothies Recipes

By consuming two or three cups of green smoothies daily you will consume enough of greens for the day to nourish your body, and they will be well assimilated. Many people do not consume enough of greens, even those who stay on a raw food diet. The molecule of chlorophyll has only one atom that makes it different from a molecule of human blood. According to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, to consume chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion.

Meat Free Monday

The Berrysmith Foundation has brought Meat Free Monday to New Zealand. Meat Free Monday was started in the UK by Sir Paul, Mary and Stella in 2009.

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