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Grow Your Greens Projects

Bucket Gardens

Anybody can afford to make a bucket garden from a 99c bucket, some potting mix and a few plants purchased from your local garden centre all for less that $10.00.
Eat Your Greens Projects

Meat Free Monday

The Berrysmith Foundation has brought Meat Free Monday to New Zealand. Meat Free Monday was started in the UK by Sir Paul, Mary and Stella in 2009.
Recycle Your Greens Projects

Auckland Council Curbside Composting

Summary of Submission

The Berrysmith Foundation strongly supports the adoption of a food waste collection system but considers that the proposed weekly collection has an unnecessarily high environmental footprint.

Elma's Blog

Arts & crafts

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Integrated Living Systems

Aquaponics - Beyond Organics

Aquaponics is chemical-free food production, but it also looks at food production systems from a holistic sustainability viewpoint. It is a complete biological system.
Aquaponics presents a solution to some key environmental issues including the declining amount of arable land per capita, the dwindling supply of fresh water and the over fishing of the seas.



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