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Changing The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid, adapted for New Zealand use in the early 1990's has been our mainstay for good eating guidelines, so it may surprise you to learn that it has come under attack from Harvard researchers.

In the Harvard's Healthy Eating Pyramid, bread and potatoes have been moved from the EAT MOST category to the top of the pyramid into a EAT SPARINGLY category.  Red meat and butter also sit at the top and not far behind are fish, poultry and eggs. All this simply highlights the fact that nutrition is an evolving science with traditional thinking being constantly challenged.

But the one traditional wisdom that is not being challenged is the need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Fruit and veges are the main source of many of the vitamins, minerals and fibre needed for good health. They are also a significant source of antioxidants.

Two to three servings of fruit and vegetables in abundance is the recommendation in the Harvard’s healthy eating pyramid developed by Walter Willett.


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