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Snap Fresh Foods Helps Support Biological Farming Soil Schoolâ„¢ Training Programme


Cadet Elma van't Kruis - this photo was taken at a BHU work experience at True Blue Organics in Karamea to make essential tea tree oil and hydrosol

Snap Fresh Foods, alongside Berrysmith Foundation, is a fresh produce company with 30 years of market presence in New Zealand and is on a mission to provide healthy, fresh produce products, raise health awareness and lead the world in sustainable food production. Snap Fresh Foods and Berrysmith Foundation have together committed $12,000(NZD) per year for three years in support of cadet training during the Soil School™ programme.

SOIL HEALTH PACIFIC operates throughout the South Pacific and specialises in the development of biologically focused fertility programmes where the best of conventional and organic methods are integrated into a workable application for everyday farmers. “SOIL HEALTH PACIFIC facilitates the production of natural premium quality foods and fibre, through integration of biological soil management into best practice agriculture. We believe this will result in healthier communities, revitalise the environment and improve profitability in the farming sector,” says Mike Smith, Soil Health Pacific Director and Organic Matter Foundation Principal Educator.

The introductory and advanced Soil School™ training programmes are designed to directly address local needs and challenges, with the goal of creating culturally appropriate learning experiences that transfer biological farming practices, soil health education and sustainable farming to those most in need.

For further information on this cadetship programme, please contact:
Amy De-La Cruz, Human Resources Manager, Snap Fresh Foods
Ph: 09 259 1551 or 021 506 787
Mike Smith, Organic Matters Foundation, Ph: 0061 (0)428 102015,
For more information about Organic Matters Foundation and Soil Health Pacific, please visit:,

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