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Superfood of all Superfoods


Through stumbling on Dr Ripley Fox's Integrated Village System for creating a self sufficient food production system to cure malnutrition in West Africa, Ashley discovered the incredible health properties of Spirulina.  Here are some amazing facts:


  • It has the highest % of complete protein than any food known to man.
  • It has many times more protein than beef.
  • It has many times more vitamin A than carrots.
  • It contains the highest % of GLA apart from mothers milk.
  • It has the ability to encourage T-Cell production for our cells to fight cancer.
  • It has shown to assist children in Africa to combat the AIDS virus.
  • It regulates blood sugar levels.
  • It is over 2 billion years old.
  • It does not have a cellulose cell wall so it is very easily digestible even for people with severe digestion problems.

A maintenance dose is about 10 grams per day and a therapeutic dose is considered 25 grams per day.  Remember it is a food, not a vitamin supplement.

Spirulina can cure severe malnutrition in children with only a few grams per day.

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