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Bucket Gardens

Anybody can afford to make a bucket garden from a 99c bucket, some potting mix and a few plants purchased from your local garden centre all for less than $10.00.

Start with easy to grow greens such as silver beet, coloured beet and kale for Autumn and Winter and NZ Perpetual Spinach for Spring and Summer.  Parsley and mint are easy herbs to start with too.

There are 3 easy steps that will have you bucket gardening in no time.

1.  Drill some drainage holes in the base of the bucket.

2.  Fill the bucket with a suitable growing medium and add slow release fertiliser if this is not already included in the medium.

3.  Plant your selection purchased from local garden centre.

Recommended seed supplier is Kings Seeds

March Update 2012

Ashley's perpetual spinach bucket garden that has had multi harvests since December. It is very hardy and didn’t go to seed during the Summer. It even survived days of drought when he was away over a hot weekend. It recovered from a totally collapsed wilted  state. Highly recommended as an ‘idiot proof’ source of Summer garden greens. Ashley is looking forward to seeing how it performs over winter. Important though to give it a fortnightly dose of liquid blood and bone. Planting some good old fashion green silverbeet for Winter is recommended as well as a bucket or two of ‘Rainbow Lights” coloured beets.
The bucket garden of MiniBelle tomatoes are well past it. 188 little tomatoes of about 5g were counted for each harvested from the beginning of January to the end of February.

Beet Perpetual Spinach
Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris var cicla
Use the leaves of this hardy Biennial like Spinach, though they are somewhat coarser in flavour and texture. An abundant crop is produced from a well manured garden. The plant is useful over a long period and seldom runs to seed till its second year. Excellent for Baby Leaf.
Beet Rainbow Lights
Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris var cicla
Rainbow Lights, a vibrant Swiss Chard, is distinguished by stems of many different colours. The main stem colours are yellow, gold, pink and crimson with secondary colours of pink/white striped, orange, scarlet, purple, white and green. We suggest brief cooking or microwaving in order to maintain stem colour. (21-35 days baby leaf - 49-70 days maturity)
Tomato MiniBelle for Pots
Botanical Name: Lycopersicon esculentum
Replaces Tumbler. Bright red ornamental cherry tomato with juicy bite sized fruit. Compact, dwarf growing and bushy by nature, the fruit are very early to ripen and are ideal for pots, window boxes, balconies and containers. Determinate. (65 days)

Bucket Gardens

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