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Dr Ripley Fox's Integrated Village System

Ashley Berrysmith is visiting Dr Ripley (92) and Denise Fox in the South of France in late January 2012.  He is looking forward to discussing their project in West Africa regarding building and operating his Integrated Village System.  

It comprises a toilet system where the solid and liquid waste is separated.  The urine is then sterilized in a solar sterilizer and is used as a nutrient to grow Spirulina, a superfood which can reverse malnutrition in the village children with just a few grams per day.  Some of the Spirulina is fed to fish and the balance used for direct consumption.  Solid waste is fed to a biodigester and provides gas for cooking.  The digested solid waste is then composted and used on fruit trees.

Ashley is then going to visit Laurent in Normandy where there is a small scale integrated system to grow Spirulina.  A biodigester creates biogas for heating the Spirulina tanks.  Spirulina require temperatures of 25 degrees C to grow and prosper.

Dr Fox's Spirulina

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