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New Web Guide for Growers

Get Your Grow On

New website, POD is giving people good reason to get their garden grow on. Designed as an online guide for those new to growing their food, or to provide inspiration for those who are currently growing their food, POD has something to everyone with green fingers.
With a focus on organic growing, POD’s various site sections go into detail on a range of essential tasks, practises and activities for easy, edible gardening. You’ll find information on: composting, recycling, nourishing soil, fostering a healthy diversity, saving seed, chemical-free pest control, keeping chickens and bees, storing produce and more. 

A recipe section is a great source for a burgeoning collection of fresh and simple, seasonal recipes – and POD welcomes users to share their favourites. A POD store sells seed packets for when you’re ready to get going. 

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