Creating a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet.


Greening our world through education and demonstration.


Taking 3 significant steps towards a smaller footprint.


2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Peter Beck, Founder of Rocket Lab

2015 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Craig Hickson, Progressive Foods

2014 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Dan Radcliffe, International Volunteer HQ

2013 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Rod Drury, Xero

2012 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Craig Heatly, CNZM

2011 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Bill Buckley, CNZM, BSL Buckley Systems

2010 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Tim Alpe, JUCY Group

2009 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Diane Foreman, CNZM, Emerald Group

2008 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Sir Michael Hill, Michael Hill International

2007 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Ashley Berrysmith, Fresh Cuts NZ

2006 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Sir Richard Taylor, ONZM, Weta Workshop

2005 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Sir George Fistonich, DCNZM, Villa Maria

2004 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Phillip Mills, Les Mills International

Ashley Berrysmith Short Biography

The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented to Ashley in 2007 was in recognition of the two innovative vertically integrated food business he had started and developed, to meet his goal of increasing the consumption of vegetables, by offering consumers a convenient solution. Both businesses were based on his “from seed to plate” philosophy.

The first business, Sproutman, was established in 1980 and brought bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and other sprouted beans from an obscure novel food item into a mainstream FMCG Business. Sproutman was sold in 1997.

Ashley then started Snap Fresh Foods, establishing a market for prewashed baby leaf greens in New Zealand, developing the iconic household brands of Krispkut Mesclun and Farmer Bill’s Baby Peeled Carrots. When this business was sold in 2014 Ashley had built the annual turnover to $32 million.

It is Ashley’s passionate desire to create a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet, that led to the establishment of his businesses and was also the catalyst for forming the Berrysmith Foundation in 2009, which is funded entirely by Ashley from his personal income. Significant projects undertaken by the Foundation, or by Ashley on a personal level, have been the 18 year project reforesting into native trees 600 acres of deforested land in the far North, an Organic Cadetship in Samoa, the sustainable production of Spirulina, the pioneering of commercial hemp crops in Ashburton for processing into cold pressed hemp oil for use in the culinary industry, combined with high UMF Manuka Honey to create a range of natural, preservative-free skin care products and as a medicated skin oil for eczema treatment.

In 2014, Ashley formed Good3 Limited to develop a range of nutritious food that is Good for you and Good for the environment. One of the initial projects undertaken to meet the Good3 objectives involves the development of an organic dark chocolate that contains 100% of your daily requirement for vitamins and minerals using organic fruit and vegetable extracts and no synthetic hard to absorb vitamins. Visit

It was the five year aquaponics project in Motueka, started in 2009, that has become the launching pad for the Karaka EcoPark, to showcase aquaponics as the future sustainable production system to produce protein, vitamins and minerals for the world’s spiraling population growth.

The Motueka trial grew salmon and carp and the waste nutrients from the fish were used to grow lettuces. The system produced high yields of both fish and lettuce without wasting water or nutrients, creating a perpetual “closed loop” and stable ecosystem that produced high quality food.

Ashley’s vision for the Karaka EcoPark is to create an educational park and working farm, educating both children and eco tourists on how to sustainably produce food using natural ecosystems.

Brands & Products


Bucket Gardens was a project to encourage school children to grow and eat more greens.

The 600 acre Puwheke property in the far North has been reforested with New Zealand native trees over an 18 year period.

Through stumbling on Dr Ripley Fox’s Integrated Village System for creating a self sufficient food production system to cure malnutrition in West Africa, Ashley discovered the incredible health properties of Spirulina.

The Berrysmith Foundation teamed up with Organic Matters Foundation, a charitable horticultural school dedicated to building resilience among Pacific Island farmers and their communities in the face of rising sea levels, land degradation and loss of biodiversity.

Trial production of spirulina in France