The Journey Continues…

All of the projects that the Berrysmith Foundation has previously instigated or supported were terminated in 2016, with the learnings and outcomes transferred to the new Just So Karaka Eco Park project. To view previous projects go to the ARCHIVE section on this website.

The Just So Karaka Eco Park, as it is currently planned, is a ten year project with the first five years dedicated to creating waterways, wetlands and planting of up to 21 hectares in New Zealand natives. From year five, the focus will be on the planning and construction of an aquaponics farm and an interactive greenhouse, showcasing selected fruits and vegetables from around the world. A tour loop will be completed during this second stage, creating a journey via canoe, walking tracks and a train ride, starting at the wetlands, progressing through a bird sanctuary and then through the zone with a working aquaponics farm and controlled climate food hub.

We encourage you to follow us on this new journey as each phase unfolds.